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Finding a scale in a hay stack

Scales for Hay Bales

A forklift scale is used for weighing products, as the name suggests, on forklifts. However, what if your work isn’t in a warehouse, but on the farm? That’s where the hay squeeze scale comes in.

What is a hay squeeze? A hay squeeze is a cross between a forklift and a semi truck. It can lift up a bunch of hay bales, and then move them down the highway, hence the semi truck half. Unlike a forklift though, it doesn’t have to get the forks under the hay. Instead, it uses its hydraulic forks to squeeze the bottom of the pile tight, lifting the rest up off the ground (that’s why it’s called hay squeeze). Lifting fifty bales of hay at once sure beats loading them one by one.

Like the forklift scale, the hay squeeze scale is specially designed to accurately tell the weight of the hay you have loaded. This is great for farmers who need to know how much of it they are selling, or how much of it they have for their livestock. Knowledge is power, and a hay squeeze scale can be a powerful tool.

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