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Scales for forklifts

Ever wondered what a forklift scale is? Well, now you have. A forklift scale, not surprisingly, is a scale for weighing things on forklifts. By using sensors in the hydraulic system of the forklift, the scale can accurately measure resistance to whatever the forklift is lifting, thus giving the weight of the object. It sounds cool, but who would use that, and for what? Well, generally, the people who would really use a forklift scale are the ones who regularly use a forklift.

This is usually manufacturing workers and transportation loading/unloading workers. The forklift scale is essential for knowing exactly how much of a product is being loaded onto a truck, or sold, or purchased, or whatever. If you were to buy 100 pounds of dog food, you don’t want to get 100-ish pounds, you want 100 pounds. That’s why these scales are so important. Industries everywhere should only rely on good, accurate forklift scales.

Finding a scale in a hay stack