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Hay Squeeze loader

American Forklift Scales onboard hay squeeze scales are designed to measure the load weight over a programmable time interval while the load is being picked up. This is a tremendous time savings over other static weighing onboard hay squeeze systems.

Lifting fifty bales of hay with a hay squeeze sure beats loading them one by one. But knowing exactly how much hay you’re loading can be tricky. That’s why the AccuLoad Model LTWS-1 vehicle scale converts your hay squeeze into a profitable “Scale-on-Wheels”. Weigh your hay bale loads during operations to get an accurate picture of quantity, turning that into profit.

The reliable AccuLoad Model LTWS-1 scale can be fitted to any hydraulic hay squeeze. The weight indicator is usually located conveniently in the cab. This hay squeeze scale lets you keep on top of agricultural operations by telling you exactly how much hay you are moving, and letting you keep a complete and accurate accounting of supply. Also available is an optional thermal printer which can print Time/Date and Net Weight for your records. Contact one of our representatives today!

Hey Squeeze Weigh System features

Investment pay-back is reasonably quick because hay bale weight can be evaluated immediately at the pickup site for weight versus volume, giving your driver the immediate option to adjust the load or to decline an unprofitable pickup.