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What is a power converter and why do I need one?

power converter for forklift scale system

At American Forklift Scale, we don’t only sell scales for all your industrial applications, we also have accessories to make sure those scales perform at high efficiency. One of these accessories is the power converter.

A power converter is an electrical device that converts electricity from one form to another. This can be in a wide variety of applications, such as changing voltage or converting from AC to DC and vice-versa.

What does this have to do with forklift scales? Forklifts of different varieties can also have different varieties of power generation, especially internationally. Using a power converter, you can make sure your forklift scale is using the proper electrical output to get the job done. Having a forklift scale in tip-top shape will ensure accurate measurements exactly when you need them.

If you need a power converter for your forklift scales, check it out here.

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