Need a quick answer to a question you have? Check below and if you can’t find out your answer contact either a tech or sales rep and they will certainly be able to help you.

  1. What types of payments do we take?
    • To make it easy on you we take a variety of payments. The easiest way being credit cards through VISA, MasterCard, & American Express to name a few.
  2. What is the cost of your scale system?
  3. Does it work on any or all capacities?
    • It works on all capacities since we provide a 5000 PSI capability. It is a Stainless Steel Sensor and the operating pressure of your forklift is less than half.
  4. How does it install?
    • The installation takes a ‘T’ fitting and an adapter into the Live Hydraulic Lift Line.
  5. Does it work on electric trucks? What about Walkies?
    • It is for all electric forklifts. We offer any range of DC Voltage converters (24VDC to 48VDC).
  6. Can we install it ourselves?
    • Of course you can and if you have any questions along the way our technician will advise you in the installation and calibration.
  7. Do you have a dealer in our area to install it?
    • We made it easy so your Material Handling or Forklift Dealer technician is capable of performing the installation.
  8. How accurate is it?
    • The accuracy is 98-99% of the applied load with our Special “Average-Display-Hold” Software.
  9. How do you calibrate it?
    • Calibration is done with a pre-weighed item taken over a scale or in inventory. This information is entered in through the keyboard on the indicator. You can check out our support manuals for more information.
  10. Can I print out the results?
    • Optional recording on a tape with the standard serial output is available.
  11. Can it total?
    • Yes, through the front panel you can press the “ACCUMULATOR” button where individual and total loads are displayed.
  12. What type of display does the indicator have?
    • A compact .6” LCD display in an ABS enclosure measuring 7”x3”x1.5” for night or outside viewing.
  13. Is it environmentally friendly?
    • All components are rugged and environmentally safe. Washdown capability option (IP65) available.
  14. Is there a warranty of some kind?
    • The Lifetime Warranty is on all components originally installed and put in service on a forklift.
  15. What kind of support is offered?

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