Front / Bucket Loader Scale

Bucket Loader Scale | Front Loader Scale

American Forklift Scale onboard Front Loader & Bucket Loader scales are designed to measure the load weight after the load has been picked up. The heavier the load, the greater the pressure in the hydraulic line.


Weigh loads using our LTWS-1 scale and see the accuracy immediately after filling up the bucket. Our Front/ Bucket Load Scale system is reliable and proven. Improve your front loader or bucket loader service profit by accurately knowing pickup costs and corresponding landfill or transfer station fees.


This sturdy LTWS-1 Scale system can be used to check-weigh every bucket load for bucket loaders and front loaders, providing a record of weight over a period of time to assure a profitable contract. Also available is an optional thermal printer which can print Time/Date and Gross Weight for your records. Contact us today!

  • Weighs accurately when the bucket is being raised.