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An Economy Model, Static Weighing, & Hydraulic Forklift Scales to accurately weigh your Forklift loads.

Turn your forklifts into “scales on wheels!” Use the  LTWS-1 to accurately weigh your Forklift loads fast and easy. With this forklift scale you have the ability to weigh on-board allowing you to speed up the process of loading and unloading. In addition to providing fast and accurate real time data for better warehouse management, using our forklift scales will increase safety in the workplace by keeping your forklifts from being overloaded.

Our Forklift Scales will also provide a record of weights over time to further ensure that you create a profitable contract. Also available is our thermal printer to print the Time/Date and Gross weight for your company’s records. Contact us with any questions today!

Investment pay-back is reasonably quick because forklift loads can be weighed in real time versus having to drive each load to a standalone scale for weighing, thus speeding up loading and unloading time for increased profitability using our onboad lift truck scales..