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American Forklift Scale offers static and dynamic onboard-scales for

all types of transporting and loading vehicles.

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American Forklift Scale offers static onboard-scales for all types of transporting and loading vehicles. These systems increase loading and transporting efficiencies and reduce costs of cargo loading and shipment. American Forklift Scale LLC can help maximize your payloads and minimize your risk of overweight fines with our scale indicators.

Forklift Scales and how they work

Ever wondered what a forklift scale is? A forklift scale, not surprisingly, is a scale for weighing things on forklifts. By using sensors in the hydraulic system of the forklift, the scale can accurately measure resistance to whatever the forklift is lifting, thus giving the weight of the object. It sounds cool, but who would use that, and for what? Well, generally, the people who would really use a forklift scale are the ones who regularly use a forklift. This is usually manufacturing workers and transportation loading/unloading workers. The forklift scale is essential for knowing exactly how much of a product is being loaded onto a truck, or sold, or purchased, or whatever. If you were to buy 100 pounds of dog food, you don’t want to get 100-ish pounds, you want 100 pounds. That’s why these scales are so important. Industries everywhere should only rely on good, accurate forklift scales.

American Forklift Scale

The American Forklift Scale family brings over 85 years of combined experience in “ON BOARD WEIGHING”. Established in 1989, we offer the best real person phone support in the industry. Our staff can listen to and understand your weighing needs, from initial installation to calibration and technical support.

How accurate are our scales?

If you have product to move and sell, you need to know exactly how much you are dealing with. Simply ‘eyeballing it’ can upset buyers, lose you money, or even violate transportation regulations. Having an accurate scale can save time, money, and headaches. When it comes to accuracy, modern forklift scales take the cake. Scales sold by American Forklift Scale are 98-99% accurate, giving you an exact accounting of your product so you don’t have to worry.

Forklift scales will save you time and money

Our scales are designed to work in fast-paced work settings for continuous use. American Forklift Scales are perfect for accurately weighing outgoing and incoming goods. In addition to providing accurate and real time data for better warehouse management, using our forklift scales will also increase safety in the workplace by keeping your forklifts from being overloaded.

Benefits of onboard weighing systems:

  • Save time by no longer needing to travel back and forth to a fixed scale
  • Our on-board scale will prevent forklifts, racks and vehicles from being overloaded.
  • Reduced travel and chances of overloading will greatly reduce wear and tear on your forklift equipment

Free forklift scale system test drive!

We want you to test drive our scale system today! Being both accurate and affordable, we can help you test out a scale at no cost. We offer a 21 day test drive of our scale systems so that you know it works for you and the best part is that it didn’t cost you a dime. Be sure to call or email us today to get your free trial of our scale system.

Free 21 Day Test Drive, Try Before You Buy!

Not sure about testing out a new product? No worries, we’ve been there. That is why we offer a 21 day test drive of our scale systems so that you know it works for you and the best part is that it didn’t cost you a dime. Be sure to call or email us today to get your free trial of our scale system.

Electronic Onboard Scales, On-board Weighing Systems and Accessories for Your Forklift and Industrial Truck Applications
– Forklift Scales, Bin Scout Truck Scales and Front Bucket Loader Scales –


Front-Bucket Loader

Hay Squeeze

Bin-Scout Truck


David Berger
Owner / Pizza Equipment Professionals
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We purchased an LTWS-1 from American Forklift Scale. Our UPS audits have been reduced by 80% and the scale has paid for itself!
Katie Scott
PAPE Material Handling
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American Forklift Scale has been a great partner for the last 10 years, our customers are pleased with the LTWS-1

Forklift Scale

Turn your forklifts into “scales on wheels!” Use the AccuLoad LTWS-1 on your lift truck to accurately weigh those loads and stop losing money.

Front / Bucket Loader Scale

The AccuLoad Model LTWS-12 vehicle scale is a dual sensor indicator. Weigh using our scale and see the accuracy immediately after filling up the bucket.

Bin / Scout Truck Scale

Weigh your small container, bin and dumpster loads while your truck is at the pick-up location and add real dollars to your gross operating profit.

Hay Squeeze Scale

Lifting fifty bales of hay with a hay squeeze sure beats loading them one by one. But knowing exactly how much hay you’re loading can be tricky.

Thermal Printer

The Porti-KT40 printer can be installed on forklifts and operates from a connection to the forklift battery and is an ideal choice for warehousing logistics.

Power Converter

At American Forklift Scale, we don’t only sell scales for all your industrial applications, we also have accessories to make sure those scales perform at high efficiency.

American Forklift Scale Support

We have a list of support documents needed for anything from setting up your new scale indicator, calibrating to warranties.