Bin / Scout Truck Scale

Bin Truck Scale | Scout Truck Scale

New Bin Scale for Small Container Carriers, Bin Carriers and Dumpster Stinger Trucks Delivers a Profitable Bottom Line.


The Model LTWS-1 vehicle scale converts your small bin trucks to profitable “Scales-on-Wheels”. Weigh your small container, bin and dumpster loads while your truck is at the pick-up location and add real dollars to your gross operating profit. The reliable and proven electronic container-bin-dumpster truck scale can be installed on any hydraulic-lift container carrier. The weight indicator is usually located conveniently in the cab. Improve your container and bin pickup service profit by accurately knowing pickup costs and corresponding landfill or transfer station fees.


The Model LTWS-1 vehicle scale instantly provides container content weight, allowing your staff to immediately and accurately analyze your route service costs for an improved and more profitable bottom line. This sturdy LTWS-1 Model Scale can be used to check-weigh on demand or to weigh every bin and dumpster on your route, providing a record of weight over a period of time to assure a profitable contract. Also available is an optional thermal printer which can print Time/Date and Gross Weight for your records. Contact us today!


Investment pay-back is reasonably quick because container content weight can be evaluated immediately at the pickup site for weight versus volume, giving your driver the immediate option to adjust the collection rate or to decline an unprofitable pickup.

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