Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer Paper

The Porti-KT40 printer is a standard 2 1/4″ roll paper, Thermal printer. Connection to the Rinstrum indicator 323 is connected by a UART or RS-485 interface. Input power 12VDC, Standby 60mA and MAX 3A. Click here for detailed specifications.


  • Pocket size
  • Light weight for true mobility
  • Very silent printing thru direct thermal printing method
  • High speed (80mm/sec, MAX)
  • UART or RS-485 interface.
  • Support text and graphic printing.
  • Support bit-image (logo) download.
  • Easier paper loading by CLAMSHELL design.
  • Easier maintenance with self-diagnostics.
Onboard Weighing System Thermal Printer